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This Ministry Service Is Intended For…

This Ministry Service is intended for Individuals and Ministries that believe there is no other way to Heaven but by Jesus Christ.  No works, no other gods, no man, nothing but the blood of Jesus. For this reason, every Player … Read More

The Church WITHOUT The Spirit

The Church is the Body of Christ, and the Spirit is the Spirit of Christ. He fills the Body, directs its movements, controls its members, inspires its wisdom, supplies it’s strength. … Read More

The Question

The following question has inspired us throughout this project for quite some time.  We pose it to you, how would you answer it? … Read More

BRS Player vs Apps and App Stores

Apps are at the Mercy of the App Stores and their Cancel Culture — BRS Players are NOT!
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If Only You Knew…

If only you knew a fraction of the stories we could tell about how miraculous this technology is, how it spreads so quickly and effectively, how it always seems to find the right people at the right time and how … Read More

Censorship: The New Normal

Ministries have always used Big Tech to be effective for Christ.   But now, Big Tech’s censorship and cancel culture is actively silencing Christian voices. BRS is the censorship-proof solution. “Not since the invention of the Printing Press has there … Read More