BRS Player vs Apps and App Stores

NOTE: Before we tell you why Apps are bad for Radio Ministry, we felt we should tell you about the BRS Player first, so you can compare as you go.


The BRS Player

Sharing the BRS Player
Anywhere a Link/URL or QR Code can go.

Listening to the BRS Player
Click the Link or Scan the Code and press PLAY.

Apps or Downloads?

Bandwidth Requirements
Half or less than App Store requirements without sacrificing any audio quality.

The BRS Player is super cooperative and all about the Listener.  It’s effective!


Now, Just Some of the Apps & App Store Issues

Your are at the Mercy of the App Store and their Cancel Culture
First of all, your App’s very existence is at the App Store’s and Cancel Culture’s discretion. Put another way, your App may be removed from App Stores any time, in the name of “hate speech,” real or imagined, or some new “policy” that just so happens to include Christians.  It’s coming.

Sharing an App
To share your radio station via an App, you must first tell your potential audience there’s an App and the stores where they can get it.

Imagine trying to share this on Facebook. Before anyone interested can do anything, they must first download the App from the applicable App Store for their device and operating system.

We will assume also that the App is up to date – in every version – for every device – in every App store.

And, we will assume the Listener does not have to upgrade their device’s Operating System in order to use the App. Or, have to delete other Apps on their device to make room for your App because their phone storage is full.

User Requirements
There are a number of things assumed at this point that are not, however, a given for every person.

Here’s another, and you would be surprised how applicable this is outside the U.S.   In order to have access to an App store, it is assumed the Listener has the following: username, password, active credit card, physical mailing address, etc.

App Store Requirements
If the person passes all of this criteria and downloads the App, the different App stores have vastly different requirements for your App in their different stores.

But this is the really bad part.  It’s sad really.  You can be certain that your Listener will have his or her private information, listening preferences, listening times, location, sharing history, and hundreds of other data points forcefully shared with the App stores and other Apps, with or without your knowledge, regardless of whether or not their privacy settings are at the highest.

Bandwidth Requirements
After all of that, the App stores have streaming bandwidth requirements that are so high, most people outside of highly developed areas around the world and in the US are not able to listen unless they are on WiFi.

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