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This is a non-refundable assessment.  No exceptions.

The Gray Label Advanced option requires a detailed assessment is to evaluate what your needs are and what will be required to provide you with the stations you require.  Sometimes this assessment and fee is all that is required to provide you the setup fee and ongoing pricing structure, etc.  We do our best to provide volume discounting and pass our savings on to you.  This assessment includes what will be required to work with you.

The $495 assessment cost is not a setup fee.  

The goal is to provide you with exactly what it will cost to get your service started with us, etc.

Low maintenance organizations and churches may only ever required this one assessment fee. 

Some organizations require 5 stations and it's simple.  Others require many stations, are constantly adding new stations, require a Console and other special considerations.

Larger organizations and churches may require a more detailed assessment due to the time, your requirements, etc.  In these cases, we will provide you with a more detailed estimate of what the assessment is going to cost.

It is important to note that we do not conduct ourselves in a corporate manner so expecting our process to be worldly with unfair expectations, corporatism, legalisms, etc. is not going to be fruitful, thus will not happen.

Our pricing structure is extremely low because we studied the most successful organizations and learned something valuable.  Organizations that get bigger to compensate for the cost of doing business with high maintenance clients typically pass this cost to all of their customers.  This means the most basic, least maintenance Users often ends up paying a higher price to compensate the more high maintenance clients.

This is something we cannot and will not allow.

The solution is simple:  We don't work with organizations that we deem to be unnecessarily high maintenance organizations.  If you would like to utilize our technology, do it our way.  We cannot and will not operate our Ministry a different way for every client. 

We have a saying, "Trust the process."  We have perfected our technology and it works if you trust the process. If you can do that, we're good.  If you cannot, we have our ways of finding out and we will allow you to use our technology.

If you fool us, you will only fool us for a time.  If we discover you to be too difficult to work with we will view that as a choice between you and many, many of our single station users.  The choice is easy.  It will be the single station users every time.

Individuals, Pastors, Evangelists, Missionaries

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