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Control Panel Login

On the Login Page you will be presented with a basic email/password combo field, as well as a “Forgot your password?” option. 

Login with your account email address and password.

Forgot Password

If this is your first time logging in or you forgot your password, click the “Forgot your password?” link and enter your account email address and you will receive a link to reset your password. 

You can reset your password at any time in the Profile Section of your Control Panel Account.


Please keep in mind that anyone that has access to your account email inbox will be able to reset the password.  Also, anyone with access to the Radio Station Control Panel can set a new password even without knowing the old password (see the Profile section of this knowledge base).  Make sure to set a secure password and only allow trusted people to access your Control Panel. Consider using a password manager like 1Password or LastPass to set good passwords and share credentials securely.

Importing Audio Files


Select the Slot you want to update.

Then follow the instructions to Import a file (Indicated in Red on images) 

You can Import multiple files simultaneously or one at a time.  

If you have an issue, REFRESH the page.

Titles, Artist, Album Metadata

NOTE: All 3 Fields (Title, Artist & Album) must have text.  None can be empty.

When files are being imported, the Control Panel extracts Title (Metadata) information.  

You can change these Titles anytime.

Even after you have imported files, you can return anytime and change the Titles without having to re-import the files again.

Default Titles

NOTE: These do not have to be filled.  They may remain empty, or “null.”

Each Slot’s Title, Artist and Album metadata field has its own corresponding Default Title Field. 

This is a special feature for frequently used Titles.

If you find yourself reusing the same Titles in the same fields, set the Default Titles to your desired titles and Update the Slot.  

The next time you need it, checking the Default Fields checkbox will automatically fill the metadata in its corresponding metadata Field.

Slots Overview

Slot Bar

The Slots are numbered, display the file’s duration relative to the Slot’s length and are colored consistently with the Station Schedules.  (See Images.)


When you Import your files the Control Panel reads the encrypted information in the file and displays the duration.  

Duration Error

Very rarely, files do not contain this information because the encoder that made the file did not or could not encode the file with duration info.

In this event, the Control Panel will simply display a message, “Duration Unknown” and fill the entire Slot Bar as if the file’s duration was full length.  (See Images.)

File duration does not affect the audio portion of the file.  If it is a good file, it will still play.  It does not affect anything the Listener sees on the Player.

Gray Area: Music Backfill

The Gray colored area on the Slot Bars indicates the portion of the Slot time that will be backfilled with music after your Slot’s Audio File ends.

Background Image

Change Background Image

To change your Player Background Image, simply click on the “CHANGE” button and follow the instructions (1st example image).  

You may upload your own images (2nd example image) or choose from our Library (3rd example image)

Remember to Click the “SAVE” button.

Your Image Uploads

The Control Panel stores your Image Uploads.

You may reuse previously used images anytime by simply selecting an image and saving it.


Control Panel Image Library

The Control Panel also has a library of background images to which we continually add.

Scroll down below Your Uploads and you will find many numerous, high quality backgrounds.


Image Orientation

Some devices rotate images when uploading. In this event, rotate your image using our orientation buttons on the thumb of your uploaded photo.

Image Size

Large images will cause slow loading times of the Player page. Resize large pictures. Most phones allow for uploading different sizes of images. Edit your photos on your computer. Recommend pixel widths between 500px-950px. Data size goal of around 500kb is optimal.

Delete Images

You may delete any image you have uploaded as long as it is not your current Player Background image. 

Image Copyright Notice

Do not upload images that are copyrighted unless you own the copyright or have explicit permission in writing.

Player Settings

Name of Station 

You may name your Radio Station anything you want as long as it is appropriate and does not encroach upon another trademarked brand.

Location or Description

Location or Description can be your City, State, Province, Country, etc. You may also use this field for a Station Description.

SEO Meta Title and Description

If you’ve ever noticed a Image and/or Description when you send or receive a link from someone, this is called an SEO Preview.

We added an amazing feature that allows you create your own Title your SEO Preview and, where allowed, display a Description also. 

Note: Premium Branding Add-On includes an SEO Preview Image option.  (See Branding)


When this feature is enabled, your UP NEXT and SCHEDULE will display on your Player.

Social Media & Donate Banners

Simply enter the URL of up to 4 of your Social Media Profiles and the Control Panel will intuitively display corresponding banners, linked to your profiles, on your Player.

Additionally, there is 1 banner spot for your Donation Provider.

If you have not yet added the Premium Branding package to your Station, a Website banner field will appear for you to enter your website URL.  A generic website banner will display on your Player

Premium Branding

(Requires Premium Branding Package Add-On)


SEO Preview Image

You may upload a special image to display whenever your Player LINK/URL is shared via media that supports SEO Previews.

Change as often as you desire.

Logo/Website Banner

You may upload a special image and enter your URL which will be linked to the image.  This image will appear on your player just above your QR Code.  When you share your QR Code in person with others, they will see your Logo Image.

Change as often as you desire.

Mobile Icons/Favicon Package

This amazing feature allows you to create and upload your very own Icons and Favicons. 

These icons will be used anytime some adds your Player to their device’s Homescreen. 

It looks and acts like one of their App Icons on their phone or tablet. 

Similar to a shortcut, when clicked, it will immediately open your Player.

Premium Banners

(Requires Premium Branding Package Add-On)

You may add up to 4 Images/Banners with URLs linked to each Image.

You do not have to use the URLs.  

Change as often as you desire.

Mobile Icons & Favicon Package

This incredible feature allows you to create your own Mobile Icons which allows Listeners to save your Station to their device’s homescreen with your Icon as a button next to all their apps. 

All you have to do is go to this website Favicon and App Icon Generator, import your image and download the package.  

The package will be a zip file that you will put in your Control Panel.  Do not rename the zip file.  You must upload the zip file as is.

Tips:  The image you upload to the Favicon generator should be square.  

You can delete your zip file from your Control Panel and import another if you don’t like how your first attempt turned out.


Profile – QR Code

Your QR Code is unique and only links to your Station’s Player.  The version in your Profile is printable.  It’s a large version.

QR Codes are one of the most popular, least invasive and easy ways to share a web address.

Profile – Station Schedules

One of the most important breakthroughs God allowed us to accomplish is the ability to put your Station’s Schedule in your hands.

Though at first glance it may appear complicated, it is actually quite simple.

Schedule Strategy – Local and Worldwide

Our Schedule strategy has been honed and perfected over a ten year period and we have reinvented the wheel in this department.  To put it simply, it is astoundingly effective.

The concept you want to grasp most is that your Station is not only local, but worldwide. Every Schedule has been designed with this in mind.

7 Slots is critical to this strategy.  You can have more or less, but what’s important is that the amount is consumable to the Listener.  Not many people can consume 100+ different preaching files in a week but that’s exactly what many Christian stations are broadcasting.  It’s just not consumable, and it usually attracts the saved not the lost. Our strategy reaches both the saved and the lost because it is consumable and so shareable.

7 Slots has been found to work most effectively because the average loyal, spoken word, listener averages 1.5 hours per day, 7 days per week.  That amounts to 7.5 hours.  7 Slots is perfect.  


You will notice every Schedule has at least 1 or more Blocks.  Blocks are Slots that play every day at the same time.  This is part of the strategy of time zone management as well as allowing listeners a dependable time to listen to certain content.  Maybe you will choose a Schedule with 2 Blocks that repeat every 8 hours and put your Sunday and Midweek Service in them.

Cascading Slots

In every Schedule, Slots that are not Blocks are Cascading.  This give variety to the Listener.  It is also very effective.

How Long Should Your Slots Be?

First, determine how long your Slots need to be. If you will be broadcasting church services, how long are they on average?  Under one hour, but more than thirty minutes?  You need 60 minute Slots? 

There are descriptions above every Schedule to help you understand it.

Less than 5 Seconds to Change Your Schedule

You can change your Schedule as often as you like.  When you update the Schedule in your Profile, it only takes about 3-5 seconds to make the change live.

The change will not interrupt your current file.  It will go into effect at the next scheduled event on your new Schedule.

Schedule Names

To help you better identify what you are looking for, here’s a guide understand the naming convention.  (See example image.)

013 2B60 – SL60 – 8H 4/12/8

013 is the Schedule’s ID

2B60 is Slots 1 & 2 in Blocks, both 60 minutes 

SL60 all other Slots are 60 minutes

8H means the Blocks repeat every 8 hours

4/12/8 means the 8 Hour repeating Blocks start at 4am, 12pm and 8pm

Profile – Password

Your password may be changed anytime.