Organization Model Assessment



The Organization Model is required for organizations, larger churches, and/or those requiring more than one station.

The Organization Model Assessment is necessary to perform a detailed assessment to evaluate your needs and what will be required to provide you with the appropriate radio station technologies. The goal is to provide you with exactly what it will cost to get your service started, and what will be required to work with you in an ongoing basis.  This would be consider a single phase assessment.

Most of the time a single phase assessment is all that is needed to determine the pricing structure, set up fees, etc., particularly for lower-maintenance organizations and churches.

However, in some cases, the first phase of the assessment reveals the need for a more detailed assessment and a second phase is required.  This is typically for larger and/or more complex organizations, churches and their needs.  Some but not all of the factors include:  your requirements, special considerations, the number of stations and if you need a customized Control Panel, etc. When a second phase is required, we will provide you with a more detailed estimate of what the assessment donation will require.

We realize that many technology providers compensate for the higher cost of doing business with high-maintenance clients by spreading their higher costs across all of their customers. Unfortunately, this means their most basic, least-maintenance clients often end up paying a higher price to compensate for the high-maintenance clients.

This is something we will not do.

The solution is simple: We do not work with organizations or churches that we deem to be unnecessarily high maintenance.  These are typically organizations or churches that don’t want to follow our process and protocols, and expect us to change how we do things just for them.  It is utterly unnecessary and ineffective.

We ask prospective clients to trust our process. We cannot operate our Ministry a different way for every client.

We have perfected our process and technology over a 10 year period, and it works very effectively when you trust the process.

Lastly, it is important to note that we do not conduct ourselves in a corporate manner.  If you are expecting our process to be one similar to a worldly corporation, take a legalistic approach with us, treat our process like a negotiation, expect special treatment or pricing, have expectations we deem to be unrealistic or unfair, or behave in a manner that is not Christ-like, our relationship will not be fruitful, and thus, will not happen. We work with our clients cooperatively, not competitively.

We expect you to remember we are a Ministry and behave cooperatively, politely and honestly with us at all times and maintain the highest Christian standards.  Your walk talks and your talk talks, but your walk talks louder than your talk talks.

The $495 Organization Model Assessment donation is non-refundable and does not cover any Setup donations.  (This is the donation for Phase One, typically all that is required.  If a Second Phase is required, we will tailor that requested donation and notify you.  You will never be charged for a Second Phase without notice and your approval.)

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