Radio Station

From: $95.00 / month

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Annual Radio Station Subscriptions include 2 Free Months.

Annual Savings:

$330 Station Subscription

We are 508c1a Faith Based Organization.  As such we are a Ministry.  Our service is to assist any other persons or organizations to further the Gospel.  All “fees” are “donations.”  All donation amounts are our minimums.


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All Radio Stations include:

  • 7 Audio File Slots
  • Unlimited File Changes
  • Station Control Panel
  • Pre-Made Station Clocks (Calendars)
  • Backfill Music (Prevents Dead Air)
  • High Quality Audio Stream
  • Bandwidth Included
  • Unlimited Listeners
  • No Software or Hardware Required
  • Premium QR Code for Player
  • Customizable Player Background
  • Website Banner Linked to Your Website
  • Donation Banner Linked to Your Provider
  • 4 Social Media Banners Linked to Your Profiles


There are two options:  Monthly and Annual.

Save $330. The Annual Subscription gets 2 Free Months!


Your radio will appear at (you get to choose the "Vanity URL" after the .fm).