Sponsor a Station

Sponsor a Station for Someone You Know!

Sponsor a Station for Someone You Know!

Sponsor a Station for Someone You Know!

Sponsor a station!

It's Easy and Fulfills Scripture

You Pay for It, They Use It, the Lord Benefits.

You've Never Experienced Radio Like This!

Designed for those with a desire to spread the Gospel.
Any Individual, Pastor, Evangelist, Missionary, Church and/or Organization.
wherEVER a link can go


The Player is just a LINK. Which means your Player can go anywhere and everywhere a LINK can go.

Social Media, Text Messages, Emails, Websites, etc.

Just CLICK the LINK and press PLAY.
person-to-person sharing never easier

The QR Code

Current times have familiarized most people to the usefulness of QR Codes.

Most restaurants are providing an online menu via a QR Code and there are many other applications also.

Your Radio Station's Player comes with its own unique QR Code built into the Player for easy sharing.

And your Console has a printable version for you to download anytime you need it.
censorship resistant to Cancel Culture

No App, No Cancel Culture

No App,
No Cancel Culture

Our Player and Console are NOT Apps.

This is critically important in the "Woke Mob Cancel Culture" environment in which we are living.

All App Stores require Developers to design their Apps to report 100's of data points about their users back to the App Stores. Some of the information is so invasive it's astounding.

By way of anticipation and design, we have never produced or used an App for our technology.

Therefore, we are Censorship Resistant. You cannot be deplatformed because you are not part of their platform.
Use social media for good

Share. Click. Grow.

Social media is without a doubt the most effective place to find the lost — it is the modern highways and byways.

The combination of our App-less Player and Social Media provides an opportunity for you and your followers to share the Gospel by way of sharing your Player on their Social Media Profiles.

Do the math: How many combined followers does your congregation have on Social Media?  

Now, what do you think your reach would be if your congregation shared your station only one day a week, on Sundays? What if they did it more?
168 hours per week in seconds

Station Schedules

One of our favorite innovations, allows you the freedom to change your entire 7-day schedule in seconds; anytime, from anywhere; desktop or mobile device.

It’s never been so easy to own a radio station. And, anyone, anywhere can listen with nearly any device.

Serious About Spreading the Gospel?