This Ministry Service Is Intended For…

This Ministry Service is intended for Individuals and Ministries that believe there is no other way to Heaven but by Jesus Christ.  No works, no other gods, no man, nothing but the blood of Jesus.

For this reason, every Player includes a non-removable Answer banner that is linked to a page about Salvation.  This page cannot be edited either.

We may, at HIS urging, make small improvements from time to time but the core points it makes will not change.

The Answer Banner and Salvation Page serves as a filter.

It is not possible for us to judge or, through some questionnaire or test, know and understand the hearts and intentions of all pastors, organizations and individuals, now and in the future.  In other words, we cannot and will not be policing, monitoring or be responsible for every person that acquires a station.

And, we cannot sit on our hands with this technology and do nothing because we might actually work with someone we don’t see eye to eye with on every issue. 

Too many Christians are far too often hypocritical when it comes to working with other Christians but they seem to have no issue with using, thus supporting, worldly technologies and services like Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and more.  We don’t have an issue with using these services for good, like finding the lost and sharing the Gospel, but we take issue with Christians that are divisive with other Christians.

Nothing more needs to be written about this. There is no room for legalism on this matter. It’s a fact and irrefutable. We have an opportunity to behave cooperatively in the body of Christ, per John 17, and we’re taking it.

That said, The Answer banner and the plan of Salvation will be present on every Player, at all times.

Aside from serving as a filter, it also serves as a deterrent for those that do not agree with us.

We will not work with false religions that do not believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, is the only way to avoid eternal separation from God and that our purpose is to glorify God.

But even if there are those that slip through and acquire a station without all of these core beliefs in common with ours — Their station and their efforts will be spreading The Answer banner and Salvation page message to people we would likely never have an opportunity to reach.

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