Why: This, Us, Now?


This, Us, Now?

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The New Normal

The New Normal

Ministries have always used Big Tech to be effective for Christ.   But now, Big Tech's censorship and cancel culture is actively silencing Christian voices.

BRS is the censorship-proof solution.

"Not since the invention of the Printing Press has there been a technology more effective for spreading the Gospel.”

New Kind of Radio

New Kind of Radio

To Share the Gospel

To Share the Gospel

We broke the content and programming barriers.

Now it only takes 7 Files to fill an entire Radio Station with content people can actually consume.   Hello?   Consume!

Who can listen to 100+ or even 200+ different sermons per week on a single AM/FM station?   Honestly?!

It only takes 10 minutes or less to manage content on your very own Radio Station.

Super easy to share!   No Apps, no Ads - ever.   It's your Station - 24/7/365.   Listen with just a Click or Scan.

You Want to Be Effective, Right?

Most Effective

Media Worldwide

Media Worldwide

One of the best kept secrets!

Online Radio (including Cellular) has been the fastest growing form of media for more than 20 consecutive years, bar none.

Video has its place but average video viewing lengths drop significantly year after year. No longer measured in minutes, now measured in seconds.

However, online radio is measured in hours per day.

Spoken word radio is at its all time high. Spiritual genre at the highest it has ever been.


At an historical high! Dominating News and Sports Talk, On-Demand, all popular Portals — even Music.


Upload 7 Sermons, Teachings, Podcasts, etc., then choose one of our pre-made Station Schedules and start sharing your Station.   Anywhere a LINK can go, your Station can go.

Calling all Evangelists & Missionaries.   We don't have to tell you what to do.   You're sitting on a greatest hits collection.   Dust it off, we have work to do


This Sunday, last Sunday, your Midweek Service, Guest Speakers, Special Series and bring those Past Archives back to life.   You have more than enough material and a congregation to spread it!

Get your congregation to take ownership by actively sharing your station every week.   Make it part of your announcements and your station will soar.


Larger Churches as well as Associations, Mission Boards, Organizations:   Your domain name, branding and more.   There hasn't been anything this effective since the invention of the Printing Press.

People all around the world are locked down, missionaries are struggling for ways to reach out and we have a tool that cannot be stopped.   Let's go!

The Truth About Apps!

There are more than 300+ different Operating Systems for around 10,000 different models of mobile devices.

The US tech industry does not want you to know about this because approximately 98% of the Apps are built for just two of these Operating Systems, iOS and Android.

Our player works on 100% of the operating systems and mobile devices.

And with far less data requirements than streaming Apps which means the reach is further. It even works in remote places.

Having something that works on everything, everywhere and grows even while you’re sleeping…

That’s Effective.

Cancel Culture Roulette?

What happens when the App Stores change their policies, terms of service, etc. and your content is defined as offensive?

How long will it be before Church Apps in the App Stores are “Cancelled” by this culture?

You've Never Experienced Radio Like This!​


What people are saying



The reach and viral capabilities of this technology are simply astounding.



Goes Everywhere

Don't get me wrong, I like video but I cannot watch while driving, cooking, cleaning, exercising... But I can do all that and more listening to my Church's Radio Station.



Bridges the Gap

It bridged a gap between Sunday and Sunday we didn't even know existed.



From Next Door to Around the World

We get emails from Listeners we've never heard of in places we've never heard of... all over the world. This thing just spreads.



Station Calendar

There are options for every need. The variety is amazing. I am able to keep my station fresh and adjust if I have a longer or shorter file than usual. It's all covered.



I'm Sharing the Gospel

I'm not just sharing a Link, I'm sharing the Gospel. I post the Link to my very own Radio Station Player EVERYWHERE!


who we are

We are here to serve you

We studied all forms of media and discovered a secret:
Radio has been the most effective for the last 15+ years.

We then identified the elements of Radio that work for Ministry and created a solution that is effective, and financially accessible for churches and ministries of all sizes as well as individuals.
Our promise

Your Radio Ministry Success is Our Singular Goal

We have reinvented Radio for you and your Listeners!

We created a Player that works on practically all mobile devices.  

And a User Console that makes updating your Content a breeze.  

We made it super easy to listen to and share.  

It just works.
The Experience

We offer a genuine, unique approach to Radio Ministry

For Listeners, Radio works because it's ON.

Listeners don't have to make decisions, download Apps, create accounts, login with a username/password or commit to downloading files — just to listen to something.

Your Listeners just Click the Link and Press Play.

All-In-One Solution




"Not since the invention of the Printing Press has there been a technology more effective for spreading the Gospel."